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Can a TV show inspire a nation ? Well the Olympic did during the summer of 2012. So why not a TV show that revolves round the Olympic sport of diving.

ITV here in the UK is currently running a show with a mixed of comedians, TV presenters, actors and even sports personalities. When it was first aired a few weeks ago, “Splash” was I guess you could say destined to “drown” in its own tacky way. But its one of them shows that seems to be growing each week with more and more popularity. I for one am a fan! I am not ashamed to admit it ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes there are scantily cladded men and women with not a lot on competing and its hosted by cheeky grinning Tom Daley who mentors these celebrities each week. But its not the eye candy that keeps me watching. No honest its not.

So why am I watching what I can only describe as being a guilty pleasure of TV ?  These celebrities are from all manor of backgrounds and fitness levels and way out of their comfort zones. It’s this being out of their comfort zone that has me watching it. Now I have never dived. I have jumped off the 10m board a few times but never entered the water with any degree of grace. And up until a month or so ago nor had many of these celebrities. Yet here they are week after week for our entertainment pleasure, putting themselves out there.

Sure there are loads of reality TV shows our there with celebrities and normal folks putting themselves out of their comfort zones but  high board diving your putting yourself at extrem peril here. In this show we have seen blood, sweat and tears. Yet these celebrities keep on pushing and talking more and more risks and proving your never too old learn a new trick or two.

Quite often you hear the celebrities talk about how much young Tom Daley have inspired them and how seeing how majestic and almost poetic his diving is and how that is the driving force for them to go the extra mile and push their boundaries just that bit further. For me its watching not just what Tom does each week to show the celebrities how its done but how they themselves face their fears and personal demons to achieve their end goal. That of trying to impress both the judges and the public alike.

So what can we take from shows like this ? We all have demons to overcome, some large, some small that can stand in our way of achieving our goals. At the end of the day no one likes to fail and we are scared of failure. But if we don’t push ourselves sometimes and take the plunge so to speak we will never really know where our limits are or what we can and can’t achieve

So take the plunge – who knows ………….

You might surprise yourself!