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Lately I have been working the graveyard shift at work aiding in the support of a project. The hours do not thrill me at all 23:00 – 08:00 as swapping from a day shift to a night shift throws the body clock into a bit of a spin and you don’t really sleep well. On top of this sleeping in hotels where they do cleaning etc during the day does not help.

But we need people to be working at this time. I work for a large logistics company getting your parcels and important documents from point “A” to point “B” in a timely manor. If we didn’t do this at night you would not get your goods the following morning. Simples! But we are not the only industry to have the need to work nights. Local supper markets, they re-stock there supplies for us to buy during daylight hours and the medical staff in A&E are up and doing there bit to ensure we get the best treatment possible during an anti social hour accident.

But what really inspires me about these night owls who work away during the small hours of the night is their can do attitudes. A lot of them don’t get to see there family and loved ones as while they work there families and loved ones are asleep and while they sleep the rest of the world is awake. It cant be easy. Not seeing much sunlight and working the anti social hours. But they hunker down and get the job done. I guess they do get use to it after a while. Wish I could after one night!

So while you walk around during the daylight hours spare a thought for the night owls that have aided in some way to ensure that your parcels have been delivered on time, you local shops have there stock in place and the A&E staff where there for you or someone you know at some ungodly hour of the night or early morning. Without them what would the world be like?

Empty shelves, a lot of waiting for things to be done and peoples lives changing because they could not wait to have there little miss-hap at a sociable hour!

So to the night owls on the graveyard shift – I solute you!

But to the day walkers – please keep the noise down during the day as some people need to sleep while the sun is awake!