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Welcome to my blog. Its been a few years now since I last blogged but in that time I have been inspired by many people. People I know personally in my life like, family, friends, people I work with ( current and past ) but also people I have come across on the web in the news etc. Its because of these people I feel I should tell the world about these people so that their stories can inspire others like they have inspired me.

Some of the things that inspire me are not just people and what they have done or do but sometimes its the photos, music or art that inspires me. Makes me feel humbled by what ever it is they have done and gives me faith in mankind again.

All to often in this day and age we are quick to point out the negatives, or be the victim in something. We don’t always take the time to reflect on how bad others have it. Or take the time to recognise the good in others. This blog I hope will change that.