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A little over a month ago I blogged about a truly inspirational group of bike riders that were planing on a trip from the Isle of Man all the way down though the UK and over into Africa and finishing up in Durban South Africa. You can read that blog here. But as with all best laid plans not every thing can go to plan all the time. So this is just a bit of an update to what Bushy McKelvey and Hylton Smith have been up to the past few weeks. And boy have they been busy.

Africa Map

So plan “B” is now to visit 16 countries in Africa and cover some 18,000 kms. Still an epic journey for someone who is somewhat legless. During the trip Bushy and Hylton plan to understand cultures, lifestyles and problems that disabled  people encounter on a daily basis in each of the countries visited. They will also be focusing on environmental Non-Profit organisations along the way. To be honest I think the plan “B” option of just doing an Africa trip will actually be harder than one stating in the Isle of Man and heading though Africa. Going though Africa means that you can pick and choice the countries you go though a little easier so as to avoid some of the political conflicts that are being faced in Africa. Where as this way not so easy as you have to make a massive detour round a country that you may wish to miss.

Now if that was not all, planing for an epic trip round Africa, Bushy has also set a world record ! 1500km in 24 hours on a Vespa Scooter, around the winding and sharp turning Red Star Raceway in Gauteng, to raise funds for the Out On A Limb expedition! The previous world record was set at 1178km

You can read more about the 24hr Scooter World Record Challenge here.

Well its not long now till Bushy, Hylton and their support team and camera crew depart from Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, on their epic 16 countries 18,000 kms journey.  They will be departing on Saturday 2nd June 2012 and will head down to the coast. You can follow their progress via The Out on A Limb Facebook page here and on the official Out on A Limb page where you can also find loads of info on the team and sponsors. You can also find ways of how to support the guys here too.

So I wish the Bushy, Hylton and all the team all the very best on their epic adventure and it just goes to show even when your legless  you can still stand tall and and follow your dreams to make a difference.


Well today (Sunday 22 April 2012) was the London Marathon or as its officially called now a days, the Virgin London Marathon. The people who ran the race are inspirational in each of their own rights. But the race made me think of one of my idols and someone I inspire to be like in life. Sir Richard Branson. I doubt I will ever match him pound for pound money wise with Richard and his millions. But I would like to think I can match him on his philosophy in life. Follow your dream no matter how extreme or out of the box it might be, if you believe in it you will make it happen.

Richard has undertaken all sorts of things in his life. From starting up a school magazine when he was 16, signing up Mike Oldfield as his first Virgin artist, to record attempts across the Atlantic Ocean and hot air ballon attempts around the globe. Richard does not quite seem to grasp the concept of the word “imposible” he goes out of his way to prove this word does not exist. Granted Richard has not always been “Mr Popular” as you have to be a bit ruthless to get to top of your game. Its a dog eat dog world out there. And playing with the big boys of industry can meen that some players don’t play by the rules. One of the things that inspires me about Richard is he does not hid behind this fact. He will admit that he may not have played by the rules. It takes a proud man who can admit things like that.

Other things that inspire me about Sir Richard Branson is how approchable he appears to be. I have never met him but you hear stories like how he knows the name of the people in his office, even down to the cleaner. Recently I started to follow Richard on Twitter  and came across the fact that Richard, like me, likes to blog ( you can see his blog here ) and one of the things he did was a series of video blogs.( Ask Richard Video Blogs ) These blogs were an open forum for people to ask him questions via Twitter or Facebook and other social networks. Normal people like you and me asking all sorts of questions. This just goes to show how approchable Sir Richard is, that he is taking the time to let us ask him questions. So many people in power or in the public view don’t take the time to acknowledge the little people. Especially if its the little people that have put them in this power.

I guess the other reasons I like Richard Branson so much besides his positive go getum attitude is that he has not let his dyslexia get the better of him. He has not played the disability card. I am dyslexia too and it has not stopped me from getting to where I am in life and at work. Richard is proof that this learning disability does not need to hold you back in life and the sky is the limit ( Richard is now reaching for the stars though with Virgin Galactic haha so maybe the sky is not the limit ! )

If you can dream it you can do it if you put your mind to it.