Swimming with the flow

Posted: 05/23/2012 in Uncategorized

Its been a few days since my last blog, sorry about that but I have been busy getting back on the fitness bandwagon. The other day I walked into the bathroom wearing my grey shirt and I thought someone had let an elephant into the bathroom. It was my reflection in the mirror. So it time to do something about the belly. So its back to the gym, swimming and a new one for me Pilates.

I have always been a keen swimmer. Geting up at 6am so as to be in the pool for 7am 3 times a week. I am defiantly not up to any form of competitive swimming thats for sure. Its just a great way to get focused for the day ahead as its quite a lonely sport, swimming up and down the 25m lane time and time again. Currently I am doing around 50 lengths in 30 mins but got a fair bit to go till I get to my personal best of 100 lengths in a hour.

One of the things that amazes me every morning, I drag my sorry ass out of bed, to go swimming ( it’s harder to do during winter when its cold and dark ) is the number of retired people that get up to do exactly what I am doing. Every morning there are 10 or so retiree’s that are going to put some swimming time in. How are these people so motivated ? Why the 7am season ? There are plenty of other seasons during the day they could go to without having to get up and some silly hour of the morning. Hell I would if it was not for me having to be at work at 8:30 !

These old timers inspire me. They could easily have a nice long lay in and do things at a leisurely pace.  But these guys are hardcore! They have been swimming all their life. This is what they do! They have been at it well before I was even a twinkel in my mom’s eye. Swimming in an out door pool come rain or sunshine. ( I am sure they weather has not changed that much in the decades so I would guess it was more rain than sunshine! ) They have not yet tired of the lonely slog up and down the lane. To them this is just more than an attempt at longevity. Its a social event too. One to catch up on the gossip and talk about football and moan about politics and how hot the changing room is.

I feel if these hardcore old timers can do this morning after morning a young(ish) whipper snapper like me should be able to get up in the morning and feel fresh and energised to face what ever the world has to throw at me. After all these old timers have been though all sorts and yet they still get up early to maximise their day. So that they can go with the flow of life and enjoy it to the max!


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