How things change

Posted: 05/07/2012 in Uncategorized

My Boy Friend and I were talking in the car yesterday on our way to see The Avengers (Marvel Avengers Assembly as its called here in the UK )  and he came up with a rather random question. Nothing to do with the movie we were on our way to see. I can’t remember the question exactly but it was something along the lines of when do we stop to aspire to do something or become someone ?

When we were kids we all inspired to be firemen, police men,doctors, or as the daughter of a friend once said to me when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up…. “A person!” We all aspire to be a key figure in society when we are young and innocent. As we grow up our idea’s of what we aspire to be and achieve in life changes too. We learn the being a fireman or police officer is an under paid and dangerous profession so we raise our sights a bit. Doctors and Lawyers are now top of our aspirations list.

But my Boy Friend wanted to know what’s after that ?

Not that easy to answer is it ? But I thought I would give it a go and maybe it is simple to answer as being we just don’t stop striving to be the top of your game I guess.

I can’t remember what was I wanted to be when I was a kid. I guess it was the fireman or police man. It might have even been Super Man or He-Man at the time. But I at a young age I doubt any of us really had a 60 year plan to where we wanted to be in life. My life has changed it course so many times over the last 10 / 12 years its unreal. But I guess our 60 year plan is in the back of our head being played out. We may not even relise it as being such. I know in my life I wanted to do all sorts of things. Become a paramedic when I left school to getting into communications when I arrived back in the UK. None of these were realised but it dint matter as all I really ever wanted to be was at the top of my game.

In work we start from the bottom and we work our way up. It just depends how high you want to go really. In life we work at being respected by our peers and family. We treat people as we wish to be treated in return. And we focus on the goals that we set our selfs. Realistic goals.

I think being at the top of our game is what we all aspire too. I am in my mid thirties and still climbing my way to the top of my end game. I still have a bucket list of things to do and a corporate lader to climb. But I am lucky in the fact I can say if the world was to come to an end right now that I have lived. I have achieved many things and over come many hurdles too. But they are the things that drive me and motivate me. It would be a sad waste of ones life if you had not achieved anything in your time alive. Even if its a small thing. It need only be a small thing that you can step back and be proud of. Over coming all odds to come out on top. Thats all it has to be. There are plenty of people who can be a lot worse off than yourself. But they find some form of inner strength to over come these hurdles in their life, to get to the top of their game.

It is these sort of people that inspire me. The ones that don’t have it all dished out to them on a golden platter. That have turned life’s challenges into strengths and have said “NO! I will not be a victim! I am a survivor!”  And we can all draw strength from these people too. Its one of the reasons I am doing this blog. So that others can be aware of these people who have not played the victim card and carried on doing the best they can with what they got in order to be at the top of their game.

So if you feel you have not achieved much in life, take a step back. Look at yourself and look at what you have done in your life. Look at the hurdles you have over come and reflect. And you should see that you have come alone way in your life time. If you still feel you have not come along way to being at the top of your game, then look at others who have, and ask your self what has it taken to get to where they are in life? Use there story as inspiration and motivation let that be your strength. Life is not easy but you will grow stronger as a result of the hurdles you have to jump over to get to the top of your end game. And if all else fails, try try again. But you need not do it alone too. Like every top athlete in their race to be at the top of their game they have a team behind them supporting them and encouraging them along there way to be the fastest and the strongest. So if you need a helping hand, do not be scared to ask for the help so as to relise your end game. I know this to be true, from my own personal experience in life. Hard work, blood sweat and tears have helped me get quite far but the support of family, friends, work colleagues and my Boy Friend have all helped me to get where I am in life. They all inspire me ! Yours should inspire you !


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