What Makes Someone Inspirational ?

Posted: 04/13/2012 in Uncategorized
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I don’t think there is a rule book or any set of guidelines to what makes someone or something inspirational. But I do have some idea’s to what I find inspirational in my world.

There are quite a few things that make me think “WOW! That inspires me!”

When it comes to people it does not take a lot to inspire me. After all I am but a simple person really.

For me people that inspire me because of things they have done. This could be in there local community or further afield. Normally its some selfish act of kindness that does it for me. But what really inspires me are people who have overcome and put aside their own daemons in order to help others. Quite often these people will go out of their way and put others first over them-self’s. Thankless heros I feel. They also are quite humble people who just feel they are doing what comes naturally and that its something that needs to be done.

I came across a YouTube video the other day while looking at bits and bobs for this blog that I feel highlights the thankless hero mentioned above. Its from a US TV show called “What would you do?” The basis is that they have 3 actors that are stranded with a flat tire. A man, a woman and a Muslim lad. The show is almost a social experiment into how people will react to the scene. Its quite interesting viewing really. The man and woman get help without too much effort but its the Muslim lad where it all gets quite interesting. Over 100 people walks past the Muslim lad and only 2 people stop to offer help. But its the young lad that really inspires me. Watch the video – I have started it where the young lad comes to help the Muslim lad out. Its his outlook on life and his own beliefs that inspires me.  Click here to see the YouTube video. 

For photos, music and art that inspire me thats a little harder to explain as art and music are so subjective. These things hit the heart and psyche in a person in different ways. For me if it strikes an emotional cord or just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling then there is a good chance I might be inspired by it.

A great example of what I meen would be found in a song by a South African artist that I will blog about as Johnny Clegg himself has inspired me over the years. Johnny Clegg and his band Savuka performed the song “Great Heart” just the name of the song its self should inspire people. I will let the song speak for its self and later on I will blog about both the song and Johnny Clegg

Johnny Clegg – Great Heart ( Music Video ) Savuka

So let me know what inspires you in the world in the comments box bellow.


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